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Images from OCT's 2004 production of

Jesus Christ Superstar

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could we start again please?
Rob McQuay faces (clockwise from the front) Selene Faer Dalton-Kumins, JP Gulla, Lindsay Allen, JP Illarramendi, Will Mincey, & Monique Holt in "Could We Start Again, Please"
High-res version

This Jesus must die
From left to right, Jon Bell, Dan Sontag, Shira Grabelsky, Dave McLellan, & Stephen Carpenter in "This Jesus Must Die"
High-res version

Monique, Rob and Lindsay
From left to right, Monique Holt, Rob McQuay and Lindsay Allen
High-res version

Last supper
Rob McQuay as Jesus and the ensemble at the last supper
High-res version

Herod's song
Rob McQuay & Jay Tilley in "Herod's Song"
High-res version

Pilate's dream
Monique Holt and Rick Foucheux in "Pilate's Dream"
High-res version

Judas' death
Rusty Clauss & Matt Conner in "Judas' Death"
High-res version

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