About Us:

Our Mission
Open Circle Theatre is a place where artists with and without disabilities can be mentored, receive training, and have the opportunity to reach their professional potential. Open Circle Theatre utilizes the considerable talents of artists with disabilities to create professional theatrical productions and to provide
outreach and educational programs that serve to expand the cultural and vocational opportunities for the residents of the Washington, DC community, with particular attention to people with disabilities.

Our Vision
As a vibrant participant in the Washington, DC theater community, and as a national leader in promoting equal opportunities for people with disabilities in the Arts, Open Circle Theatre’s influence is significant in advancing the full integration of people with disabilities into both the theater and general

We operate on the premise that disability can enhance the artistic experience and inspire aesthetic innovation. Limitations exist in the mind, and through the arts, we strive to remove those limits.

Contact Us

Open Circle Theatre
500 King Farm Blvd., #102
Rockville, MD 20850
Voice: 240/683-8934

Suzanne Richard,
Artistic Director:

Ian Armstrong
Executive Producer

James Garland
Associate Producer:

Jennifer Camp
Development Director:

Arianna Ross,
Arts and Education Program Manager